Rod Daily Video – Garage Fuck

Another fresh week and we have quite the update to show off today. in this one we have a Rod Daily video that’s just waiting for you to watch it. Rod seems to have made a brand new friend as he got around to meet another guy as dirty minded as him at a car show earlier today. The two park guys spent some time chit chatting but it was soon clear that the guy was always hungry for cocks just as Rod was so there was no better answer to all this than to go back to the dude’s place.

To be honest the pretext was for the guy to show off his impressive collection of motorized vehicles to RodDaily. but it didn’t take long for them to undress and remain nude since they arrived in his garage. And since they were naked Rob kneeled down and took the guy’s cock in his mouth sucking and slurping on it like a champ. After wards he bends over one of the quad bikes to present the lucky guys with his ass and awaiting a nice fucking. Be sure that his buddy delivered one thorough and balls deep anal fucking to the joy of Rod. If you liked this video and you wanna see other gorgeous gay guys fucking, check out the site! Have fun!

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